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Performances with Public Participation  2021

Walking with an empty suitcase,

Wearing Isolation,

Escaping from lock-down,

Around home

Listening to the world,

Feeling the vibration from the earth through the hands,

Generating noise, 

As if it is the only life sign

Seeing tiny things

As if they are new

Walking and walking

through the street,

Something is still missing,

Being together,

Sharing the Blues

Dancing with the Blues,

So here come the invitations.  (2020)

Performance One, with rolling suitcases

A group of people goes for a walk in silence with empty rolling suitcases

The first performance, ca. 30 minutes, in Frankfurt


Performance Two, Walking and Dancing with Favorite Music

A group of people goes walking and dancing in silence, with their favourite music in earphone

The first performance, also ca. 30 minutes, in Frankfurt

The first performances were on 4.9.2021 in Frankfurt, by commune 6x3.

Still available to do the performances.


Frankfurt, 2021

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